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Labor relations and wages

  • Reviewing alternatives to reward envelopes in organizations.

  • Assisting and / or leading negotiations regarding issues of wages and labor relations.

  • Formats and types of employment - definition, reviewing alternatives, analyzing the implications.

  • Consulting about consolidating retirement agreements.

  • Consulting on changing the composition of wages, reviewing alternatives and presenting implications.

  • Wage and pension policies and benefits - defining a strategy, objectives, guidance and leading the negotiations.

  • Consulting about dealing with "wage drift".

  • Mediation and arbitration.

  • Consulting about simplifying wage structure.

  • Representing and handling arrangements of wage and conditions of service issues - including “alleged abnormal wages” with the Commissioner of wages and other officials at the Ministry of Finance.

Strategic field

  • Consulting and assisting to establish global infrastructure in various management areas.

  • Forming the strategy and workflow in order to achieve goals and objectives related to labor relations.

  • Corporate strategy - setting streamlining programs and ways to implement them.

  • Providing comprehensive assistance to companies and organizations experiencing sudden crises.

  • Analyzing the options and execution capabilities of organizational and structural changes, including mergers and acquisitions, reviewing and implementing proposals regarding human resources during the process of mergers and acquisitions. Strategic reviews, due diligence, integration planning.

  • Privatization processes, preparation, reviewing alternatives, ways to realization and guidance during the execution.

Human resource management and economic ventures

  • Project execution - in various economic issues for the business sector.

  • Procedures - writing, editing and implementing work procedures.

  • Organizational structure and job descriptions - formulating suggestions and reviewing alternatives of an organizational structure and writing job descriptions.

  • Forming wage simulations and wage monitoring - providing consultation and guidance when defining operational requirements, consulting on acquisition opportunities, implementation and training of computer systems.

  • Designing digital management information tools for labor relations needs - editing and writing labor agreements dossier based on collective agreements, arrangements and procedures, edited in a format acceptable as a statute of labor.

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