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Yossi Kucik
Gilad Dweck
Yossi Kucik

Owner of the company, held several positions in the public and private sectors. Alongside his consulting positions he currently serves as chairman of IDI Insurance, board director in various leading companies in Israel, a board member in The Israel Democracy Institute,  chairman of the Board of Governors of the Yitzhak Rabin Center, as well as chairman of the Board of the Igal Alon House. His previous roles include, among others: Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Director of Wages and Labor Agreements Department at the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Director General at Discount Bank, Director General of The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption and Chairman of Manpower Israel Group. Kucik holds a master’s degree (MA) in Public Administration, from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Gilad Dweck

CEO as of May 2004. Has professional experience in the fields of collective agreements and labor relations. Previously held a number of positions in the public sector: acting VP of administration and human resources at the the Prime Minister’s office, senior assistant to VP of administration and human resources at the Ports Authority, and an economist at the Wages and Labor Agreements Department at the Ministry of Finance. Holds an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Harel Belinda

A senior executive with extensive experience of over 20 years in the public sector, wide ranging management experience, a broad system-wide perspective and in-depth familiarity with public and regulatory systems, and strong skills in complex organizations with massive budgets in the scope of tens of billions of Shekels. Served as head of the Tadmor Israel Main Hotelier School (voluntary liquidation), as a district manager at Leumit Health Services, as Chief Financial and Economic Officer at the Israel Electric Corporation and as Deputy Director of Budgets in the Israel Ministry of Finance. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.   

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Ayal Hennenberg

Worked in the Ministry of Finance Director of Wages Division, established the Payroll and HR Control Department at Fahn Kanne & Co (Grant Thornton Israel) and served as the manager of the Collective Employee Relations and Employee Welfare Department at Cellcom.

Has extensive professional experience in wages and labor relations in the government, public and private sectors, in accompanying and managing collective bargaining agreement negotiation crises, in consulting regarding senior executive compensation in public companies – Amendment 20 to the Companies Law, in preparing salary inspector reports for the Law for Increased Enforcement of Labor Laws and in conducting salary audits in public and private entities.

Holds an MBA.

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Gal Furst

Salary and labor relations analyst and consultant, joined Yossi Kucik Entrepreneurship, Management and Consulting Ltd. in January 2019. Has professional experience in collective bargaining agreements, in pension and service terms and conditions in the public and private sector, accompanying collective bargaining agreement negotiations, accompanying company establishment and merger processes regarding employment relations and salaries, building salary, promotion and reward models, analyzing salary data and designing and examining organizational structure and streamlining processes.

Holds a B.A. in Economics and Psychology from Ben-Gurion University

Guy Golan 

Salary and labor relations consultant, worked in financial institution in the credit sector.

Stock analyst and trader and teaching assistant at Sapir Academic College in the department of Economics.
Student (Third year) of Applied Economics and Management (dean list) at Sapir Academic College.

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